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Considered one of Albuquerque’s greatest treasure, Plaza Hacienda in Old Town has a lot to offer including one of the best restaurants in Old Town, Hacienda del Rio, as well as some of the most beautiful artwork from the local artists of New Mexico at Genuine Southwest.

With restaurants, authentic jewelry, original New Mexican art and more, you can find the best of Old Town at Plaza Hacienda.

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Hacienda Plaza in Old Town, South Valley

Plaza Hacienda is your one-stop shop that give you a true taste of what Albuquerque has to offer. Located in Old Town, Albuquerque, residents and tourists alike don’t have to look far when searching for places where they can eat and shop in Old Town, Albuquerque.

​Located on the east side of the plaza and south side of the art museum Hacienda Plaza offers plenty of parking and easy access to the stores.

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